Cross Laminated Film
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Cross Laminated Film
Cross Laminated Film
Description : Techpaulin is a Multi layer multi axis Oriented X cross laminated film (MOX) product. It comprises of biaxial oriented layers of plastic film bonded to one another in the machine operating direction, transverse and angular axis all together in 16 directions bonded by a cold roll technique.

1. Strong
Techpaulin is an exceptionally strong co-extruded cross laminated film manufactured through an innovative process.

2. Tear / Puncture Resistant
Special manufacturing process provides Techpaulin good tensile strength with strong balanced tear resistance in multi direction

3. 100% Waterproof
Techpaulin has good water barrier property, moisture resistance and retains 100% strength even when wet. Staple / stitch free joints make it 100% waterproof.

4. Easy to Use
Techpaulin can be converted by various processes such as sealing / welding, gluing, laminating, cutting for range of industrial and consumer applications.

5. Durable
Superior technology & exceptional properties makes Techpaulin a long lasting & a durable end product.

6. Weathering Resistant
Techpaulin has high resistance to varying weather conditions.

7. Chemical Resistant
Inert to most chemicals including acid, alkalis, oil, stain, etc.

8. UV Resistant
Techpaulin has the ability to absorb UV radiation and dissipate the energy as low level heat, thus withstanding the pressure to crack or disintegrate under continuous exposure to sunlight.
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Cross Laminated Film
Cross Laminated Film
Terpal Cross Laminated Film adalah inovasi terbaru dengan menggunakan MOX ( Multi layer multi axis Oriented X cross laminated film) yang lebih kuat terhadap perubahan cuaca.
Terpal dengan bahan cross laminated ini juga menggunakan material food grade, aman dan ramah lingkungan, standard anti UV.
Mengurangi resiko kontaminasi dengan bahan kimia
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